The facilities

Beyond Comforts

Dine by the Ocean: Enjoy your meal with a view of the ocean.

Stay Connected: Use our fast Wi-Fi to share your special moments.

Taste of Goa: Try local flavors in our restaurant, or enjoy seaside-inspired cocktails at the bar.

Live Music Nights: Enjoy Goa’s music scene, from local talents to traditional performances.

Exclusive Beach Access: Relax at our private beach spot, just for our guests.

Various Seating: Choose from beachside cabanas to cozy firepit corners.

Celebrate With Us: Make your events memorable with our beachside private services.

Local Artisans: Explore our handmade crafts, made with love by local artists.

Location & Beach Features

Discover Palolem – Goa’s Secret Paradise

Nestled in the heart of South Goa, Palolem Beach promises:  

Golden Sands: Relax on soft golden beaches.

Soothing Waves: Listen to the calming sounds of the Arabian Sea.

Dolphin Watching: See playful dolphins in the sea.

Local Charm: Explore colorful shacks and enjoy gentle adventures.

Sunset Strolls: Take peaceful walks along the beach in the sunlight

Activities: Play Explore Connect


Beach Bonfires: Enjoy cozy nights with live music around a warm fire.

Lazy Corners: Relax with a book or play board games with friends.

Stargazing: Look at the stars and enjoy the night sky with us.

Fly a Kite: Have fun flying kites in the Goan breeze.

Bingo Nights: Play classic games like Tambola or Bingo.

Golden Sunsets: Don’t miss the beautiful sunrise and sunset on Palolem Beach.


Beach Adventures: Visit Agonda, Patnem, and Butterfly Beach.

Water Fun: Go on boat trips or paddle in a kayak.

Stay tuned for more adventures soon!